Fenniarail Ltd is a private freight rail operator, established in 2009.


Rail freight transport was opened for competition in 2007 in Finland, and the cross-border traffic between Finland and Russia in 2016.  We started transport operations in 2016 with Keitele Group, transporting sawn timber from the Kemijärvi production plant to the Port of HaminaKotka.  In 2017, our operations expanded to cross-border traffic transport between Finland and Russia. Since January 2018 we have transported a significant number of wagons carrying raw timber from border stations to UPM-Kymmene Corporation’s production plants.

We operate over the entire length of the Finnish rail network with six Dr18 diesel locomotives manufactured by CZ LOKO, and we employ a total of 24 people. We also use 22 rented wagons for the transportation of sawn timber.


The company is owned by 28 Finnish enterprises and private individuals. Members of the company’s board of directors include:

Petri Lempiäinen, chairman
Jarmo Honkamaa
Vilma Tukia
Sakari Toivola
Jussi Aspiala
Kimmo Rahkamo


Our goal is to create a commercially strong, independent Finnish operator in rail traffic, which through its operations improves the operating conditions of Finnish trade and industry. We believe that competition improves service and the efficiency of operations in the field.

Fenniarail is an efficient, reliable and flexible partner. Customer orientation and safety are the leading values of our operations.