Dr18 locomotives

Fenniarail Ltd has acquired its Dr18 locomotives in two separate batches: locomotives 101–103 were delivered in 2015, and locomotives 104–105 in 2017. They were delivered by CZ Loko a.s. from the Czech Republic, which modernised and overhauled them from S200 and 770 series locomotives. The original locomotives were built for heavy-duty shunting, and more than 8,000 variations of them were delivered.

Key parts of the modernisation:

  • The bogies were reconstructed, the bearings of the traction motors were replaced with cylindrical bearings, and the supports between the bogie and frame were modernised.
  • The frame was reconditioned and minor modifications were made, for example, to steps.
  • The main engine was replaced with the Caterpillar 3512C HD engine, which meets the Stage IIIA emission requirements, and the main generator was replaced with the Siemens 1FC2 631-6 AC generator.
  • All auxiliary drives and systems were replaced, and the entire upper frame structure was reconstructed, so that the reconstructed parts of the locomotive fulfil the requirements set in technical specifications for interoperability.

In addition, the locomotives ordered by Fenniarail Ltd addressed the requirements set by the Finnish railway network and the client:

  • Finnish track gauge and climate conditions
  • The installation of the automatic train control system (ATP-VR/RHK) and the registration device required for the system.
  • The installation of terminal devices for a radio control system and a communications system
  • The installation of Unilink couplers and buffers that absorb impact forces.

Acceptance of locomotives

Fenniarail Ltd’s locomotives obtained the national serial marking Dr18 in Finland, and Fenniarail designated numbers 101–105 for them.

The acceptance of the locomotives is based on their acceptance in the Czech Republic and a cross-acceptance made for Finland. The first locomotive underwent a series of acceptance tests in the Czech Republic. In addition, it was tested in Finland to the extent required for cross-acceptance.

Technical specifications

Quantity 5 locomotives
Length 17.4 m
Weight 115.2 tons
Number and arrangement of axles 6 axles, Co’Co’
Maximum axle load 20 tons
Maximum speed 90 km/h
Maximum tractive effort 380 kN
Minimum railway curve radius 120 m (80 m at 5 km/h)
Rated wheel diameter 1,050 mm
Main engine and its rated output Caterpillar 3512C, 1,550 kW
Transmission type AC/DC
Coupler type Unilink/Eastern-Western coupler
Automatic train control ATP-VR/RHK (Bombardier Ebicab900)
Radio control DOL 850 (TRS s.r.o.)