Dr18 locomotives

Fenniarail Ltd has acquired its Dr18 locomotives between 2015 and 2020. They were delivered by CZ Loko a.s. from the Czech Republic. More than 8,000 variations of this locomotive type have been delivered around the world. The locomotives are designed and built for heavy freight traffic and heavy-duty shunting.

Technical specifications

Quantity 6 locomotives
Length 17.4 m
Weight 115.2 tons
Number and arrangement of axles 6 axles, Co’Co’
Maximum axle load 20 tons
Maximum speed 90 km/h
Maximum tractive effort 380 kN
Minimum railway curve radius 120 m (80 m at 5 km/h)
Rated wheel diameter 1,050 mm
Main engine and its rated output Caterpillar 3512C, 1,550 kW
Transmission type AC/DC
Coupler type Unilink/Eastern-Western coupler
Automatic train control ATP-VR/RHK (Bombardier Ebicab900)
Radio control DOL 850 (TRS s.r.o.)