Fenniarail serves industrial and commercial customers. Our target is to establish long-term partnerships and to provide our customers the appropriate equipment at the right time.

Transport within Finland

We provide the transportation of raw materials, refined goods and end products on the Finnish rail network to industry.  We implement project and special transport in a flexible manner, meeting our customers’ needs.

Our company is prepared to make the necessary investments in locomotive and wagon stock to meet customers’ transport needs.

Cross-border traffic transport

Fenniarail expanded its operations to cross-border traffic transport in 2017. We transport goods (such as raw timber and oil) from the Vainikkala and Imatrankoski border stations to companies’ production plants, as well as transit transport to different ports. Our company has a permit for the transportation of dangerous goods.

We offer rail transport for cross-border traffic through all border stations between Finland and Russia. We implement services for border checks, shunting and forwarding of wagons in cooperation with our partners. At the Imatrankoski border station, we perform the necessary shunting services for incoming border trains ourselves.

We work in cooperation with several port operators and can offer a comprehensive transport chain with different services, from border stations to the customer’s production plants or ports.

Typical services include

  • Transportation from production sites to ports
  • Transportation of raw materials
  • Transportation to and from Russian border
  • Shunting

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