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Dr18 locomotives

Fenniarail has acquired its six Dr18 diesel locomotives between 2015 and 2020. It is a powerful type of locomotive that is designed and built for heavy freight traffic and heavy-duty shunting. The locomotives were delivered by CZ Loko a.s. from the Czech Republic. More than 8,000 variations of this locomotive type have been delivered around the world. Radio control enables efficient operation in shunting.

Technical specifications


Vectron electric locomotives

Fenniarail has acquired three Vectron electric locomotives. The first Vectron arrived in Finland in September 2023. Two more Vectron electric locomotives will be delivered in late 2025. 


Vectron electric locomotive is an efficient type of locomotive that has been tested for Finnish conditions. Vectrons include radio control and with the Last Mile feature, they can also be operated on non-electrified sections.

Technical specifications

Laaiis freight wagons

Fenniarail uses 22 four-axle covered Laaiis-wagons leased from Transwaggon from Sweden. The wagons are two-part. Maximum axle load is 22.5 tons and total weight is 90 tons.


Wagons are mainly used for transporting sawn timber. The wagons are also well suited for transporting, for example, rolls of paper and cardboard, as well as pallet goods.


More Laaiis wagons are flexibly available according to customer demand.

Technical specifications

Habin sawn timber wagons

Fenniarail has designed and ordered a sawn timber wagon that makes maximum use of Finnish large load dimension, which can be used to increase the energy efficiency and economy of transportation. The first two wagons are in commercial test traffic.

Technical specifications

Raw wood wagons

Vop series wagons are suitable for transporting raw wood and, for example, wooden poles.


The length of the wagon's loading area is 13 meters and the maximum permitted load is 65 tons.

Technical specifications


Chip wagons

Chip wagons can be used e.g. for the transport of wood chips, sawdust and energy wood. Loading and unloading of wagons take place from above.


The volume of the wagon is 171 m3 and the maximum permissible load is 60 tons.

Technical specifications

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