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We offer our customers agile and flexible freight transport on rails.

We offer transportation of feedstock, materials, processed products and finished products to industry. We operate on the entire Finnish railway network. We serve all industries. Our company has a license to transport dangerous goods.

As a strategic partner of industry, we are able to offer a complete logistic pipeline through Finland. Through our partners, our long logistic chain extends to efficient port services.


We operate with equipment and a schedule suitable for our customers' needs. Transports are carried out as whole trains or groups of wagons between domestic destinations, for example from production plants to ports. Thanks to our agile and efficient operating model, we are also able to offer our customers transport smaller than full trains, which promotes the transition of transport from road to rail. We carry out project and special transports, such as transports related to track works and equipment transfers, flexibly according to the customer's needs.

Our delivery reliability is top class. Read Fenniarail's customer stories.

Examples of our service offering

  • Transportation between production plants and ports

  • Raw material transports to production facilities

  • SPOT and special transports

  • Transport of dangerous goods

  • Equipment towing

  • Shunting

  • Forward and further transports

  • Forwarding, storage and other ancillary services

  • In our long logistics supply chain, we offer administratively seamless port operations with e.g. Olmar.


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