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Fenniarail orders electric locomotives from Siemens

28. syysk. 2022

Fenniarail has signed a purchase agreement with Siemens Mobility for Vectron locomotives.

In year 2021 signed purchase agreement includes the delivery of one locomotive by the end of October 2023 and option for four additional locomotives. Fenniarail has also signed a long-term maintenance and repair agreement with Siemens Finland for Vectron locomotives. With the acquisition of modern electric locomotives Fenniarail can offer its clients green transportations without CO2-emissions.

The acquisition increases the transport capacity of Fenniarail. With the additional locomotives it is possible for Fenniarail to expand its services to new clients. The new electric locomotives also make it possible to increase current train weights. Fenniarail’s transport capacity has been in efficient use, hence this Vectron investment ensures the company’s future growth.

Vectron is a modern four-axle electric locomotive produced by the German Siemens. Over thousand Vectron locomotives have been delivered to railway companies around Europe. The acquired locomotives have been designed for Finnish conditions and they are particularly suitable as freight trains – one Vectron can pull over 2 000-ton train with higher average speed than diesel locomotives.

The locomotives have radio remote-control system which enables shunting performed by the locomotive driver. Shunting is possible on sidings without overhead lines with two diesel power modules. This combination is a very efficient logistic solution since no separate shunting locomotive is needed.

“Acquiring potentially five electric locomotives is a notable growth leap for our company and at the same time a natural decision as Fenniarail is reducing its carbon emissions. The company’s aim is to offer environmentally friendly logistic solutions in freight traffic and electric locomotives keep us on this strategic path. With this investment we also ensure our future growth and new locomotive investments in the future shall mainly be electric locomotives. Maintenance for locomotives will be provided by Siemens and Fenniarail will also be investing in a maintenance depot in Kouvola region”, states Petri Lempiäinen, Chairman of the Board of Fenniarail.

Vectron electric locomotive

Manufacturer Siemens Mobility
Power 6400 kW
Diesel-module power 2 x 180 kW
Max. starting tractive effort 350 kN
Max. speed 200 km/h
No. of axles 4
Weight 89,7 t
Length 19 m
Systems ETCS Radio remote-control

For inquiries:

Petri Lempiäinen
Chairman of the board
Fenniarail Oy

Juha Hakavuori
Managing director
Fenniarail Oy
+358 40 352 4771

Juha Lehtonen
Managing director
Siemens Mobility Oy
+358 50 3510 746

Fenniarail Oy is a private Finnish railroad operator, established 2009 when competition in freight rail market in Finland opened. Fenniarail operates rail transports between production sites to ports, transports of raw materials in whole railway network in Finland. Net sales in 2021 was close to seven million euros and company employs 28 persons.

Siemens in Finland

Siemens delivers solutions, services and products to smart buildings, smart grids, digital industries as well as to traffic and transport in Finland. Siemens AG has a turnover of EUR 62 billion and approximately 300,000 employees. Siemens operates in 200 countries.

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