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Fenniarail’s new electric locomotive has arrived in Finland

18. syysk. 2023

The Vectron electric locomotive commissioned by Fenniarail from Siemens Mobility has arrived in Finland. The locomotive arrived at the Port of Hanko on Sunday, September 17th, 2023, via sea transportation from Germany. This is the first electric locomotive acquisition by a private railway company in Finland, enabling Fenniarail to offer its customers more environmentally friendly transportation.

Vectron is a modern four-axle electric locomotive produced by the German Siemens. The locomotive has been designed for Finnish conditions and is particularly suitable as freight train – one Vectron can pull over 2 000-ton train with higher average speed than diesel locomotives.

For operating on non-electrified tracks, the Vectron is equipped with a “last mile” system, which includes a diesel unit that allows for the transfer of wagons, for example, to loading tracks. The locomotive has radio remote-control system which enables shunting performed by the locomotive driver. Shunting is possible on sidings without overhead lines with two diesel power modules. This combination is a very efficient logistic solution since no separate shunting locomotive is needed.

Environmental factors have been considered throughout the entire lifecycle of the locomotive. The Vectron’s energy efficiency is top-notch, and the locomotive is capable of regenerating energy back into the power grid during braking. Additionally, the locomotive’s control system optimizes energy usage and provides guidance to the driver on choosing the best driving style. The locomotive’s structure is modular, and 98% of its weight consists of recyclable materials.

”With the electric locomotive investment, Fenniarail increases its capacity and meets the demands of society and industry regarding the green transition of transport. This acquisition is a historic landmark in the diversification of the Finnish railway market,” states Lauri Helke, Managing Director of Fenniarail.

Next, the Vectron will be transferred to the Kouvola area for final preparations. The Vectron will undergo adjustment and training runs during September and October. The plan is to start commercial operations with the locomotive in November 2023.

Vectron locomotive

Manufacturer Siemens Mobility
Power 6400 kW
Diesel-module power 2 x 180 kW
Max. starting tractive effort 350 kN
Max. speed 200 km/h
No. of axles 4
Weight 89,7 t
Length 19 m
Systems ETCS, Radio remote-control

For inquiries:

Managing Director Lauri Helke
+358 44 555 1155

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