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Fenniarail expands its business

14. jouluk. 2021

Fenniarail has signed transport contracts with four new clients. Transports start in the beginning of the year 2022 and transport volumes are several thousands of wagons per year.

Due to new transports, Fenniarail starts regular shunting services in Kouvola to serve its clients’ needs. Due to rising transport volumes Fenniarail has employed new train drivers to its local branch in Kouvola and has strengthened resources of operational management.

Fenniarail’s single safety certificate has included a permit for the transportation of dangerous goods since 2016. Transports of dangerous goods require special caution and ensuring the safety of transports. With new clients, transports of dangerous goods become regular, which indicates that Fenniarail can serve its clients well also with these kinds of transports.

Fenniarail’s transport capacity is in efficient use from the beginning of 2022 and future growth requires investments in new locomotives and wagons. Fenniarail shall inform more about the investment plans in the near future.

Fenniarail’s Managing Director Juha Hakavuori:

“We have worked hard so that we can serve new clients and create added value for them. We produce services for our new clients efficiently, flexibly and what’s most important, safely. Especially transports of dangerous goods are indicating that customers trust our central value – safety. With new clients our fleet is in efficient use and we are currently preparing investments for future growth.”

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