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Fenniarail’s new sawn timber wagon has arrived in Finland

12. elok. 2022

The first wagon of the new and efficient Habin sawn timber wagons ordered by Fenniarail has arrived at the port of Hamina.

Fenniarail has been working for a long time to make sawn timber transports more efficient. Based on the investment decision made by the company in 2020, work began to acquire a new, more efficient sawn timber wagon for the Finnish rail network.

The first wagon has undergone test drives in Estonia. Test drives will continue in Finland in the coming weeks.

“Sawmills are currently in great demand for efficient and environmentally friendly transportation of their products. We will meet this demand in the coming years with our new wagons. We are looking forward to testing the wagon for the first time with our customers in commercial transports”, says Juha Hakavuori, Managing Director of Fenniarail.


Length: 23,0 m
Width: 3,4 m
Height: 5,3 m
Loading area length 21,5 m, width 2,8 m between the posts and height 3,8 m
Carrying capacity: 60 t
Tare weight: 30 t

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