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Fenniarail is a commercially strong, independent Finnish rail operator, which with its activities improves the operating conditions of the Finnish business life.

We believe that competition develops service and makes the industry more efficient. Fenniarail is a reliable, competent and flexible partner. Customer orientation and safety are the guiding values of our operations. As a privately owned company, we serve our customers flexibly and efficiently. Our goal is to contribute to the green transition of logistics from road transport to rail.

Fenniarail on tracks

Every year, we transport tens of thousands of wagons of our customers' cargo to production facilities, ports and logistics terminals. Our area of operation is the entire railway network in Finland.

Our locomotive fleet currently includes six Dr18 series diesel locomotives and one Vectron electric locomotive. We use covered Laaiis-wagons, Habin lumber wagons and raw wood and chip wagons. Our future growth is based on electric locomotives and goods wagons optimized for the transportation of our customers. The first Vectron electric locomotive we ordered from Siemens Mobility was delivered in the fall of 2023. We have ordered two more Vectron locomotives and they will be delivered in late 2025. In addition to our own wagons, we transport a large amount of equipment managed by our customers. Fenniarail is ready to acquire wagons suitable for transport according to customer needs.


Fenniarail Board

The company is owned by 41 Finnish companies and individuals. The company's board includes:

Petri Lempiäinen, chairman
Jarmo Honkamaa
Vilma Tukia
Sakari Toivola
Kimmo Rahkamo

Kari Tähtelä

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